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High speed, high precision blade inspection

Turbine blade inspection, in both production and MRO conditions, presents a number of challenges including varying curved geometries as well as the high accuracy and precision requirements of aerospace application components.

WIZblade is a turnkey inspection system developed specifically for rapid high precision measuring of both aerospace jet engine blades and industrial turbine and compressor blades. WIZblade alignment, inspection and analysis are performed automatically during production and measurement of both unfinished (forged or cast) and finished (machined) blades. Its innovative on-line technology surpasses prior contact technology reliant upon precision fixtures, expensive tailored jigs and templates, or mechanical slow touch trigger and scanning probes. Instead, Wizblade uses the real-time adaptive control WIZprobe, Nextec’s advanced non-contact optical laser-scanning sensor for accurate geometric 3D measurements.

WIZblade | System Description

The WIZblade turn-key production-floor blade scanning solution comes with easy-to-use software for fast and accurate measuring and quality control of blades in repeatable measurements, inclusive of shiny and/or colored blade parts.

The automated laser WIZblade CMM relies upon the WIZprobe optical laser-scanning sensor instead of the conventional mechanical probe to measure blades. It has all the software functionality of WIZinspect plus many additional software modules dedicated for blades. To accommodate variance in blade geometry and size, the system comes with a variety of 3-axis motion platforms and optional rotary tables. WIZinspect has been designed with the flexibility to meet the needs of an array of blade manufacturers, designs and standards.

WIZblade™ key benefits:
  »   Accommodates a variety of blade manufacturers, designs and standards
  »   No precision part positioning required
  »   Automatic blade alignment
  »   Fast, accurate and repeatable measurements
  »   Fine detail verification (Leading Edge & Trailing Edge)
  »   Simple and easy setup, reduced setup time
  »   CAD-based new blade program preparation
  »   Customized dimensional analysis
  »  Customized graphical and text reporting

WIZblade | Specifications
  »   Platform accuracy: E=(3+3.5L*) µm
  »   Total WIZblade system accuracy: 14 µm (2 sigma)
  »   Total WIZblade system repeatability: 4 µm (2 sigma)
  »   Data capture rate: 50 points per sec
  »   Typical automatic alignment time: 50 seconds
  »   Typical cross section scanning time (both sides): 8 seconds

L* = Measured part length in meters
Platform Accuracy is verified according to ISO 10360-2 standard
Total System Accuracy is verified by scanning a certified sphere bar

Utility Requirements
  »   Power supply: 110/220 VAC, 16 Amps.
  »   Air supply: 17 liter/min @5 bar,0.5 CFM @75 PSI

The Blade Inspection Software
  »   On-screen display of actual and nominal profile plots at any cross-section during
       "on-the-fly" data acquisition.
  »   Inspection report generation with high resolution information including all relevant
       blade numerical dimensions.
  »   Data analysis and automatic comparison to designed data and defined tolerances.
  »   High resolution, high density, leading and trailing edges measurement.
  »   Multicolor display of the designed and measured profiles, along with the tolerance
  »   Automatic software alignment of blade position.
  »   Dynamic zooming on the measured profiles data.

WIZblade | Platforms Gallery
A variety of different Platform models and sizes are available to accommodate customer specific applications:
EOS Model
  X (mm) Y (mm) Z (mm)
05.04.04 500
400 440
06.05.04 600
500 440

ARES Model
  X (mm) Y (mm) Z (mm)
07.07.05 700
650 500
10.07.05 1000 650 500

HERA Model
  X (mm) Y (mm) Z (mm)
07.07.05 700
700 500
10.07.05 1000 700 500
07.07.07 700
700 650
10.07.07 1000 700 650
12.09.07 1200
850 700
15.09.07 1500 850 700
18.09.07 1800
850 700
12.10.09 1200 1000 850
15.10.09 1500
1000 850
18.10.09 1800 1000 850
20.10.09 2000
1000 850

  X (mm) Y (mm) Z (mm)
20.13.10 2000
1300 1000
20.15.13 2000 1500 1300
25.15.13 2500
1500 1300
30.15.13 3000 1500 1300
33.20.15 3300
2000 1500
40.20.15 4000 2000 1500

  »   Renishaw PH10 Motorized Head
  »   Drive: DC - Brush
  »   Feedback: Linear encoder



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