I want to do master’s thesis. Where to start?

I want to do master’s thesis. Where to start? – If you also have this doubt, then reading this article can be a great help. The masters degree is a very important title! In addition to knowledge and qualification, he enables the graduate to be able to teach in his area of training, so he can act as a professor in universities.

The selective process to do a postgraduate and to obtain the title of Master, has several stages and is increasingly concurred, due to the demands of the labor market. Vacancies are usually open at the end of the year and the duration is on average two years.

The requirements for master’s degree are: complete upper course, fluency in foreign language and have a defined theme for the research project. However, the requirements vary according to the educational institution and the student profile that it seeks.

Where to start?

To start a master’s degree you need to be certain of your choice. For this, a good alternative is to know several educational institutions, taking into account all the structure and support that they offer. In addition, meeting counselors, students, and also seeking information from postgraduate students in the chosen area helps to eliminate doubts and lessen the risk of repentance.

How to pass the selection?

The selection consists of several stages, the first of which is usually the written test. The study is the main factor to carry out the test successfully, this is because they are contents of specific knowledge, indispensable for you to start the research.

In the second stage, the curriculum and the history of the graduation are analyzed. Good grades have participated in projects, internships and research, help the candidate in a very positive way at this stage.

The last step is the interview, teachers analyze the profile of the candidate and also the project that it presents. The candidate must be safe, sincere and consistent in their responses.

Is it worth to do masters?

For those who wish to continue in the academic field is undoubtedly important and will give points for everything to do. The same is true of professionals who are seeking knowledge and personal and professional growth. A complete professional is one who passes knowledge to others.

It will not be worth the master’s degree for those who only look for one more point in the curriculum because it ends up not taking advantage of and losing the focus of the research.

Free Masters

There are universities that offer masters programs for free but also need the proof and requirements to be a part. Competition is high, especially at Federal Universities.

Another way to do the free masters is through the scholarships, such as CAPES (Coordination of Improvement of Higher Level Personnel), CNPq (National Council for Scientific and Technological Development), FAPESP (Foundation for Research Support of São Paulo) and FINEP (Financier of Studies and Projects).

The online masters also fit as an option for people with less time and can be found through the UAB (Open University of USA).

Master’s Degree Abroad

The master’s degree abroad is ideal for graduates who wish to start research in under-researched areas in USA, and because of competition requires much more dedication and study. The cost is high, but through Science Without Borders, a federal government program that funds the study of people abroad, it is possible to have access to quality foreign institutions at no cost.

To participate in the program it is necessary: not to have completed the master’s degree, to have a good academic performance, to be American and to have completed the undergraduate course within the areas of the program. It is a program of dissemination within the Universities.